HC Deb 06 May 1903 vol 121 c1519
MR. SHEEHAN (Cork County, Mid)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether his attention has Been directed to a case heard at Shandangan Petty Sessions on Tuesday, 7th April, in which Sergeant Glynn, Crookstown, charged Mrs. Catherine O'Leary, of Farranes, with a breach of the Licensing Act; whether he is aware that the sergeant, for the purposes of the prosecution, represented on the day previous to the alleged offence that he was going on leave; and that he subsequently, on the morning of the Sunday on which the alleged breaches of the Licensing Act occurred, entered through a window of an unoccupied house from which the licensed premises could be observed, and though he saw several offences against the Licensing Act committed, took no steps to prevent them; and whether, seeing that it is an official instruction to the Royal Irish Constabulary that their duties are preventive as well as repressive, will he state what action it is proposed to take in reference to the conduct of Sergeant Glynn.


The facts are stated with substantial accuracy. The sergeant, in explanation, reports that the Licensing Acts were systematically broken in this locality, and that as the movements of the police were closely watched, it became necessary for him to resort to stratagem in order to cope with the evil. It would have been better had he entered the licensed premises when people were observed on them; but the Inspector-General is satisfied that he was actuated by good intentions and zeal for the public interests, and it is not proposed to take any further action in the matter.


What right had he to enter these unoccupied premises?


My reply covers that question.