HC Deb 04 May 1903 vol 121 c1200
MR. EDWARDS (Radnor)

I beg to ask the hon. Member for Tunbridge, as representing the Charity Commissioners whether the attention of the Charity Commissioners has been drawn to the fact that in the case of a charity at Bishops Froome the trustees have for several years, and in spite of applications, refused to render an annual account to the Parish Council; and, if so, whether the Charity Commissioners will take steps to compel the trustees to comply with the law in this respect.

* MR. GRIFFITH BOSCAWEN (Kent, Tunbridge)

The Commissioners were informed on 18th June, 1902, by a letter forwarded to them from the Local Government Board, and written by the chairman of the Parish Council, that up to that time the accounts had been regularly forwarded at the proper time, but that those for the year 1901–2 were not forthcoming. The attention of the trustees was directed to their duties accordingly. On February 17th last, a renewed complaint was received, and on April 9th, the day when the accounts for 1902–3 ought to have been but were not rendered to the Commissioners, the trustees were required to render them accordingly within one calendar month. If the accounts are not so furnished, steps will be taken to compel their delivery. It is the chairman of the Parish Meeting, not the chairman of the Parish Council, who is entitled to receive accounts.