HC Deb 30 March 1903 vol 120 cc583-5

Does the right hon. Gentleman intend to take the Adulteration of Butter Bill to-morrow?


I am glad that the hon. Member has asked this Question, for in view of what has occurred I wish to make a correction of my statement the other day as to the course of business. I was then under the impression that we had to discuss a very important Amendment on the Motion that the Speaker leave the Chair, which would have raised the subject of University education in Ireland. In view of that I saw no prospect of getting the Speaker out of the Chair under two days. That Motion has, as I understand, been taken off the Paper; and, therefore, there will be no difficulty in getting the Speaker out of the Chair on Thursday night. On Tuesday the first Motion, I believe, is the ordinary sessional order allowing Ways and Means to be taken after twelve. That has been passed in former years because it has been found very inconvenient not to have it. The Butter Bill would be the first order among the Bills, and after that there would be the Sheep Scab Bill and the Contracts (India Office) Bill. The Naval Forces Bill in Committee would be the fifth order of the day. On Wednesday we wish to conclude the proceedings we have already initiated on the Muncipal Trading Committee and also on the National Expenditure Committee. Both of those Committees ought to set to work again without undue delay. Then there is the Bill which my right hon. friend the Chief Secretary for Ireland mentioned in his speech in introducing the Irish Land Bill—the Bill which is to hand over to Ireland a grant consequent on what was given to England in respect of the Education Act of last session. That Bill will have to be introduced in Ways and Means, and I hope my right hon. friend will be able to introduce it upon Wednesday. I imagine it is a wholly uncontroversial measure. There will also be the Second Reading of the Army Annual Bill. On Thursday, as I have intimated, the business will be to move Mr. Speaker out of the Chair.


When will the House adjourn for the holidays?


I should not like to give a full detailed answer. No doubt the last day on which we shall be asked to sit will be the Wednesday before Good Friday, and I should hope that, if the House gets on with the business as I trust it will, we need not reassemble until the morning sitting of Tuesday, 21st April.

MR. BUCHANAN (Perthshire, E.)

When will the legislation be introduced to dispose of the Scottish equivalent grant?


That is on the Estimates. There are special reasons, which my right hon. friend the Chief Secretary will explain, why the Irish grant should be made by legislation. It has nothing to do with the claim of Scotland.


The claim of Scotland is admitted?