HC Deb 26 March 1903 vol 120 cc314-5
MR. JAMES O'CONNOR (Wicklow, W.)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether, in view of the fact that the Irish Lights Board boat "Princess Alexandra" was laid up at Liverpool for about twelve months, he will state how many of the crew and officers were retained on board and for how long; were they employed, and, if so, at what work; whether any of them were on leave, and, if so, what wages and allowance did they receive; and whether, seeing that the "Tearaght" is now laid up for repairs on the Clyde, he will state how many officers and men are kept on board.


I am informed by the Commissioners of Irish Lights that the officers and crew were retained on board the "Princess Alexandra" at Liverpool for about six months, until the chartering of the s.s. "Cragside," when all were transferred to that vessel except the engineer and two firemen, who remained to take care of the vessel and the machinery. The Commissioners state that, while at Liverpool, the crew were engaged in assisting in opening out and preparing the vessel for survey, and frequently transferring her from one berth to another, as required by the harbour authorities. All the officers and crew of the "Tearaght," except the second officer, are employed at various kinds of work on board, which can only be done during an overhaul. The second officer is engaged on coast work.


Can the hon. Gentleman give any reason why these boats should not be repaired in Irish ports?

No answer was returned.