HC Deb 16 March 1903 vol 119 c873

We are asking, in addition, the agreement of the House to a new programme, This new programme comprises three battleships — I am sorry I am not able to inform the Hose of the precise assure hon. Members that they will be of a very formidable type and will bear favourable comparison with vessels of that class belonging to other nations—foru first-class armoured cruisers, three third class cruisers, four very fast scouts, fifteen destroyers, and ten sub-marines. Everybody will admit, I think, that is a very substantial and important addition to the Navy. But I can assure hon. Members that it is not a spasmodic or uncalculated addition; that every one of those ships is a matter of forethought and estimate; and that we believe this addition corresponds, in the first place, with the public need—that is to say, the need of the Navy for reinforcement—and, in the second place, with the facilities which our private and Royal dockyards present for the construction of armoured and unarmoured ships.

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