HC Deb 16 March 1903 vol 119 c834

To ask the Secretary to the Admiralty, will he state what the practice is with regard to the promotion of naval officers to a superior rank after service in the Royal yacht; how many officers, and of what ranks, have been promoted after such service during each of the last five years; are appointments for service in the Royal yacht made by any rule as to seniority or as to the position of those appointed in the examinations whereby the abilities of officers are tested; and, if not, by what rule are they made; and do the Admiralty propose to continue the practice of promoting over the heads of other officers those who have served in the Royal yacht.

(Answered by Mr. Arnold-Forster.) It is usual for a commander to be promoted after three years service, a lieutenant after two years service, and sub-lieutenants after one season in the Royal yacht. During the last five years one lieutenant and three sub-lieutenants have been promoted in each year after service in the Royal yacht. Two commanders have also been promoted during the same period. Officers appointed to the Royal yacht are selected by His Majesty from amongst those recommended by the First Lord of the Admiralty, who takes into account their official record, their position on the list, and their war service in making his recommendations, but there is no definite rule such as is suggested in the Question. It is not in contemplation to make any change in the practice with regard to these appointments.

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