HC Deb 16 March 1903 vol 119 cc859-60

Will the right hon. Gentleman say what business is to be taken this week.


As the House is aware, we are now approaching the end of the financial year, and the date when our financial business must close governs our procedure for the next few days. It happens that the days of the week do not fall very conveniently this year, as the House will see when I tell them that the last day upon which we can take Supply is Thursday, the 26th, because Friday is a private Members' day under the new rule, which I hope will always be observed, and the Government do not wish to interfere with private Members' business. We shall have to finish our financial business then, on the 26th, and that being our limit I do not see how we can better arrange our time than in the manner which I will now submit to the House. The Navy Estimates we propose to take to-night and to-morrow, and I think we must get Votes A and I of those Estimates to-morrow. We can then take the report of the Army and Navy-Votes on Wednesday, and Thursday will be devoted to the Vote on Account, and I may say parenthetically that I shall be glad to learn through channels what Votes it venient to set down first, so that we may utilise time to the best advantage. On Monday we take the report of the Vote on Account as the first order of the day, followed by other Supply, and hope to read the Consolidated Fund Bill a first time. The Second Reading of that Bill will be taken on Tuesday, the 24th, and the Committee stage on Wednesday, followed by the Third Reading on Thursday, the 26th, which, as I have explained to the House, is the last available day at our disposal.

MR. JOHN REDMOND (Waterford)

When is it proposed to introduce the Irish Land Bill?


It will be seen that Wednesday, the 25th, is the day proposed under the arrangement I have suggested for taking the Committee stage of the Consolidated Fund Bill, and, as that stage is incapable of debate, if it is the wish of hon. Members opposite, I shall be glad to see the time at our disposal on that day devoted to the Land Bill.

MR. HALDANE (Haddingtonshire)

When will the Education Bill for London be brought in?


I hope it may be introduced before Easter. But at any rate it cannot be before we have completed our financial business for the year.

MR. LOUGH (Islington W.)

asked if it was proposed to follow the precedent set on the Army Estimates, and allow a general discussion before the Minister in Charge made his statement.

No answer was returned.