HC Deb 03 March 1903 vol 118 c1237

On behalf of the hon. Member for South Mayo I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland if he will state how long the estate of the Hon. J. Browne has been in the Land Judge's Court; and whether, seeing that the tenants on this estate signed agreements to purchase their holdings in 1899, he will explain why the solicitor to the Receiver is still pressing the tenants for their old rents; and why the sale of the estate has not been completed.


The estate cannot be identified in the Land Judge's Court upon the information given in the Question. I have written a letter to the hon. Member asking him to defer the Question, and to supply some more specific information as to the locality of the estate, when further inquiry will be made.

† See (4) Debates, cxi., 1364.