HC Deb 03 March 1903 vol 118 cc1231-2
MR. HERBERT ROBERTS (Denbighshire, W.)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for India whether he will state if any steps were taken at Delhi, on the occasion of the intercourse between the Governor General and the Princes and Chiefs of India, to invite their co-operation with his Excellency in those special responsibilities of Imperial rule within the Empire of India which are regarded as under the personal charge of the Viceroy; whether arrangements were then or have since been made to renew and give practical effect to the plan described on the occasion of the Queen Empress's Proclamation of 1877 expressing Her Majesty's desire to seek from time to time in matters of importance the counsel and advice of the Princes and Chiefs of India, pursuant to which the Order of Counsellors of the Empire was established; and whether any communications which may have taken place between the Viceroy and the Secretary of State for India on this subject can be laid before Parliament at an early date.


I have received no communication from the Viceroy as to any action having been taken of the nature indicated in the first and second paragraphs of the hon. Member's Question. There are therefore no Papers that could be presented.