HC Deb 02 March 1903 vol 118 c1105

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War how many provisional regiments of cavalry are at present in existence; what is the cost and strength of these regiments; for what purpose are they now maintained; and what is intended with respect to them in the future.


Six regiments are at present in existence. The average strength is 898, or deducting men on gratuity furlough, 714; and the average number of horses is 370. Those regiments were originally established during the war pressure to provide drafts for cavalry regiments abroad, and are now maintained as the most suitable organisation into which to form the large surplus of men of the cavalry branch now existing. Three of these regiments will before long be absorbed, but the other three will be maintained for the present. The cost can only be very roughly estimated at £50,000 a year per regiment.