HC Deb 29 July 1903 vol 126 cc675-6

To ask the Chief Secretary to the, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether his attention has been called to the poaching of salmon and trout that is carried on in Lough Erne, whereby, in particular, the salmon fishery of the River Erne is being injured; whether the Department of Agriculture, etc., in Ireland has taken, or is proposing to take, any steps to inquire into the alleged poaching and destruction of salmon and trout, and to prevent the same if carried on; and, generally, what steps are proposed to be taken for the better protection of salmon and trout fishing in the inland rivers of Ireland.

(Answered by Mr. Wyndham.) The attention of the Department has been directed to a number of statements on this subject affecting the district mentioned, which, on investigation, proved to be without foundation. With regard to the protection of inland fisheries, the duty of protection rests primarily with the hoards of conservators, who have been assisted by the Department in certain cases in which the protection was to a large extent for the benefit of the general public.