HC Deb 10 July 1903 vol 125 cc302-3

said he wished to direct the attention of Mr. Speaker to the following entry in yesterday's Votes and Proceedings— The Committee proceeded to a Division, and the Chairman stated that he thought the Noes had it; and, on his delusion being challenged, it appeared to him that the Division was frivolously claimed, and he accordingly directed the Ayes to stand up in their places, and Three Members having stood up, the Chairman declared that the Noes had it. That was an erroneous entry, because it was contrary to Standing Order No. 30, which provided that in such circumstances the Chairman should call on the hon. Members who supported his decision to also stand up in their places. Otherwise the Chairman could not know how many Members, if any, supported his decision. He submitted, therefore, that the entry was erroneous, because the Chairman had not acted in accordance with the Standing Order.


NO doubt the course stated by the hon. Gentleman is the proper course, and I assume it was followed. Very often a few hon. Members rise in their places on one side of the House; and the opinion of the House being obvious, the Question is not formally put that the hon. Members who support the Chairman's decision should also rise in their places. Strictly speaking, the Question should be put as regards both.


said that otherwise the Chairman could have no knowledge how many hon. Members, if any, supported his decision.


He may not have any actual knowledge, but he may be able to form an accurate opinion.

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