HC Deb 02 July 1903 vol 124 c1173
MR EUGENE WASON (Clackmannan and Kinross)

To ask the Secretary of State for India, with regard to the memorial urging the separation of judicial and executive functions in Indian administration, presented in August 1899, can some statement be placed before Parliament showing what course has been followed since that memorial was forwarded to the Indian Government, and what is the general view taken of this subject by that authority or by the Viceroy or Council; and can any of the more recent correspondence on this question between the Government of India and the Secretary of State be presented to Parliament at an early date.

(Answered by Secretary Lord George Hamilton.) No correspondence on the subject has passed between the Viceroy and myself since the memorial was referred for the consideration of the Government of India, and I am not aware of the view taken by that Government of the questions raised. The memorial was referred by the Government of India to local governments for their opinions, which I understand have been received and are under consideration.