HC Deb 01 July 1903 vol 124 c1031
Mr. LEAMY (Kildare, N.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland if the Government have yet received a guarantee from the promoters of the Gordon-Bennett race for the expenses of extra police over the sum of £1,000 which the Treasury is willing to contribute; if he is aware that the Kildare County Council consented to hand over the county roads for the race on the express understanding that the county shall not be called on to pay for the extra police; and if so, if it is the intention of the Government to levy any part of the expenses on the county of Kildare.


No, Sir, the Government has received no such guarantee. It appears that at a meeting of the Kildare County Council held on the 13th June, Mr. Orde, Secretary of the Automobile Club, signed an undertaking indemnifying the Council against all claims which may be lawfully made upon, and established against, the county for the cost of extra police drafted into the county for the purpose of the race. On the strength of this undertaking the Council attached its seal to the Order made pursuant to the Light Locomotives Act.


Cannot the right hon. Gentleman say definitely whether the Government propose to levy any proportion of the cost of the extra police on the county of Kildare. I have asked that Question again and again. The race comes on to-morrow.


That is just the matter which is under consideration. But as far as the race is concerned, all arrangements have been made for the extra police. There will be 2,007 police guarding the course.


I know that, but I want to know who will pay for them. Will the right hon. Gentleman be able to give an answer to-morrow?


Order, order!; The right hon. Gentleman has just said that the matter is under consideration.


I do not think it is to the interest of the hon. Member or those he represents to press the question.