HC Deb 24 April 1903 vol 121 cc357-8
Mr. H. C. RICHARDS (Finsbury, E.)

To ask the Secretary of State for India if his attention has been called to the fact that the Government of India has granted an assignment of Land Revenue of the value of 5,000 rupees per annum to a Vakil judge of the High Court of Madras, who was appointed in 1901 on the condition that he would retire from the bench at the age of sixty-five; and whether he will explain why this judge has been so rewarded, and consider the advisability of directing that European judges, members of the High Court of Madras, shall be treated in a similar manner by giving them grants based upon Land Revenue in addition to their retiring pensions.

(Answered by Secretary Lord George Hamilton.) I am aware of the assignment of Land Revenue referred to in the Question, which was granted to the judge with my sanction for exceptional public services, and also in view of the fact that, in. accepting an office in which he could not serve long enough to earn a pension, he abandoned a lucrative practice at the Bar. These reasons were personal to the judge, Sir Bhéshyam Aiyanger, and do not apply to the cases referred to in the last sentence of the Question.