HC Deb 23 October 1902 vol 113 cc604-5

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty if he will say why, in the Return of Fleets, the order of the ships, and especially in the case of cruisers and destroyers, has been changed from the chronological order previously in most cases adopted, so that easy comparison with former Returns is rendered difficult; and whether the Admiralty will adopt in future an order of ships such as to make reference and comparison more simple.


The Return has been re-arranged in the manner explained in the Prefatory Memorandum. Ships of the same class have been grouped together, and it is believed that this arrangement will prove more convenient, and will give more information to hon. Members than that previously adopted. It is proposed to issue any future Return in the same form as that now presented. I ought to add, however, that the Return being furnished for the information of the House of Commons, it is desirable that it should be compiled in such a manner as to meet the views of hon. Members. If, therefore, the right hon. Baronet will submit to me any suggestions with respect to Amendment in the form of the Return I will undertake to submit them to the Department responsible for the compilation and to ascertain how far they can be incorporated in similar Returns in the future.