HC Deb 06 November 1902 vol 114 c257

informed the House that he had received the following letter relating to the imprisonment of a Member:—

"King's Bench Division,


"November 5th, 1902.

"SIR,—I beg to inform you that on the 14th October a warrant was issued forth of the King's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice, Ireland, signed by me, for the arrest of Mr. William H. K. Redmond, Member of Parliament, for not complying with an order of the King's Bench Division, made by me and dated the 24th September, whereby he was ordered to enter into his own recongnisance and find sureties to be of good behaviour for a period named in the order, and in default to be imprisoned for six months, or until he should sooner comply with said order. "Mr. Redmond was arrested yesterday under this warrant.

"I have the honour to be,

"Your obedient servant,


"Justice of the King's Bench Division,


"To the Right Honourable

"W. C. GULLY, P. C.,

"The Speaker of the House Of Commons."

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