HC Deb 06 November 1902 vol 114 c268

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he will consider the advisability of appointing a Committee to inquire into the position, pay, and allowances of the combatant officers of the Army.


My hon. and gallant friend's suggestion would require to be supported by some reasons for instituting such an inquiry. No change has taken place in the position of officers in the Army of recent years, and the demand for commissions shows that it is impossible to satisfy the large number of candidates available. Efforts are being made, especially in the cavalry, to reduce officers' expenses, but I fear I cannot hold out any hope of a genera reconsideration of the pay and pensions of officers.


The Army pay of subaltern officers has been the same for the last hundred years, and: is quite inadequate to the position they are expected to maintain.