HC Deb 05 November 1902 vol 114 c134

To ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer if he is aware that there has been a sum of about £10,000 lying without interest at the Bank of England to the credit of the Scinde, Punjab, and Delhi Railway Company for the last twenty-one years; that in 1880 this undertaking was vested in the Government of India; that Section 54 of the Act provided for the eventual dissolution of the Company; that this Clause has been inoperative, the last surviving director having died; and that this deposit represents sums distributable, under Section 53 of the Act, between stockholders of the Company to parties who cannot be traced; and will be, therefore, to prevent this money becoming the property of the Bank of England by this failure of claimants, introduce a Bill causing this money to be paid over to the Paymaster General.

(Answered by Ritchie.) I can add nothing to the answer given by my predecessor to a similar question addressed to him by the hon. Member on 13th March last†