HC Deb 27 May 1902 vol 108 cc671-2

To ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he will state how much of the sum of £4,000, referred to as an appropriation in and at page 455 of the Diplomatic and Consular Service Estimates, is received from Japan and Siam respectively.

(Answer.) The sum of £4,000 taken in the estimates was based on the average sum collected in fees for three years to 1900–1901, as follows; Japan £1,640, Siam, £2,367; the fees collected in the last completed year, 1900–1901, amounted to; Japan, £2,289, Siam, £2204.—(Foreign Office.)


To ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, seeing that the sum of £600 is placed on the Diplomatic and Consular Service Estimates for the salary of a Vice Consul (Hiogo and Osaka), Japan, will he say at what place the Vice Consul performs the duties of his office; and will he state the whole amount expended for consular services at Kobé (Hiogo), including salary of Consul, staff and all other expenses.

(Answer.) As to the first part of the Question, the Consular Office is at Kobé (Hiogo) at which port the Vice Consul is appointed to reside, but the Consular district includes the city of Osaka (the trade of which is only about 3 per cent. of that of Kobe), and the Vice Consul performs duties there when necessary. The whole amount expended for Consular services at Kobe (Hiogo) is £2,181 per annum, exclusive of travelling expenses and outfits which depend upon the exigencies of the public service.—(Foreign Office.)