HC Deb 01 May 1902 vol 107 cc445-6

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, whether he is aware that attacks were made on the 16th ult. by an Orange mob at Annaghmore, county Armagh, on Roman Catholic residents of the village; that a young woman near her confinement was so maltreated that her life is in danger; that the authorities have been unable to take her depositions; and that on the same occasion a young man was mutilated beyond recognition; whether any of the men who made this attack have been traced, and, if so, why they are still at liberty; whether, as disturbances also occurred in this locality last Christmas, he will give immediate directions for the re-establishment of the police barracks which were recently closed; and whether he will proclaim the district under the Criminal Law and Procedure (Ireland) Act, and direct that any trials which there may be shall take place before two resident magistrates.


A prosecution has been directed against the ringleaders in this riot. Pending the hearing of the case, I must decline to enter into particulars of the occurrence, further than to say that I am unable to accept the hon. Member's representation of the facts as accurate. No disturbances took place at Annaghmore last Christmas, and it is not proposed to re-establish a police barrack there. The reply to the third paragraph is in the negative.


Seeing that the lives of these two victims are despaired of, why have not their murderers been arrested?