HC Deb 07 March 1902 vol 104 cc831-2

said he wished to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, having regard to the large number of Members who wished to take part in the debate on the War Office contracts, if he could now say whether more than one day would be given to the Motion.


I have been making inquiries, and find that there is a strong desire in favour of a two days debate. I feel bound to do my best to make arrangements accordingly, but having regard to the exigencies of Supply the only way of meeting the wishes of hon. Members is to postpone the date of the debate until after the House has passed the Supply necessary to be taken for the first Appropriation Bill. I find that the most convenient course of business next week will be to continue on Monday the Estimates, taking Vote 9 of the Army, and Votes 9 and 10, and, perhaps, part of Vote 8, of the Navy; on Tuesday to continue the discussion of those Votes, and to take the Report of Votes agreed to today; on Thursday to take the Report of the Vote on Account and all other Reports; and on Friday to mvoe the Speaker out of the Chair on

the Civil Service Estimates. Then the following Monday and Tuesday will be given to the debate to be initiated by the right hon. Gentleman opposite. It may be necessary to place before the Motion of the right hon. Gentleman certain stages of the Consolidated Fund Bill.


said that Tuesday, the 18th, had been secured for a Motion in which many persons were interested, and on which there was a deputation the other day of the Parliamentary committee of the Trades Union Congress to the Cabinet, represented by Mr. Ritchie, and Lord James, who said that he wished the matter should be discussed this session. It was possible that the fortunes of the ballot would give them another Tuesday, but he should, in spite of the arrangement made, oppose the Motion to take Tuesday for Government and take a division on it.


pointed out that it would be necessary for the Third Reading of the Appropriation Bill to be taken on Thursday, the 20th, in order that they might have an opportunity of raising questions.


I did not know that that was part of the arrangement, but I will see what can be done. With regard to what has fallen from the right hon. Baronet, I would point out that the Tuesday in any case had already been allotted to Supply or to the new Rules. Adjourned at twenty minutes after Twelve o'clock, till next Monday.