HC Deb 03 June 1902 vol 108 cc1285-6

I have to ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether he can inform the House as to his proposals for the course of business.


As the House is aware, there has been some difficulty in arranging public business, owing to events which are present to the minds of all of us. On carefully considering our, position. I think it will probably be for the convenience of the House that the discussion in Committee upon the Finance Fill should be taken as far as possible in a block, and I think it would be the best plan to begin that discussion on Monday next. Further, I ought to say, in regard to financial business, that my right hon. friend is under a pledge to give an opportunity for a discussion of the Loan Bill at an early date, and I think the evening sitting tomorrow would be a convenient opportunity for taking that. At the evening sitting on Thursday there is private business of some importance, which will probably limit greatly any time available for public business. At the morning sitting tomorrow we intend to proceed with the Education Bill. On Thursday I should not propose to take Supply, but to move a vote of thanks in connexion with the troops in South Africa, and I may possibly be able to present some other subsidiary resolution upon a closely-allied subject. That would occupy part, at all events, of the morning sitting. So the course of business will be, the Education Bill today and at the afternoon sitting tomorrow; the Loan Bill at the evening sitting tomorrow; the vote of thanks on Thursday; private business and, perhaps, some other small matters at the evening sitting on Thursday; Friday is allocated to private Members this week; and on Monday, under those circumstances, I hope to begin discussion in Committee of the Finance Bill.

MR LOUGH (Islington, W.)

Might not the discussion of the Loan Bill be left to a rather later date than is proposed, so as to allow of longer notice?


My right hon. friend bas been simply fulfilling a pledge that I gave in regard to the Loan Bill. The evening sitting tomorrow is not only the most convenient, but the only possible, occasion when I could make a statement, which, I think, ought to be made to the House as to the, present financial situation.