HC Deb 02 June 1902 vol 108 cc1111-2
COLONEL LONG (Worcestershire, Evesham)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty whether he will take steps to ensure that the ship allotted to the Members of the House of Commons at the Coronation Naval Review is not too crowded with guests having no connection with the House, and that there shall be an adequate supply of provisions, so preventing the inconvenience to Members which occurred at the last Jubilee Review.


I am aware that in the case of the Jubilee Naval Review considerable inconvenience was experienced by hon. Members owing to the large number of passengers on the ship appropriated to the House of Commons and to the inadequacy of the refreshment accommodation. Every effort is being made to avoid the recurrence of any inconvenience of the kind, and to make adequate provision for all Members of the House of Commons attending the Review.

MR. COHEN (Islington, E.)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty whether he is aware that ninety-six Members have been unsuccessful in the ballot for sleeping accommodation on board the vessel to witness the Coronation Naval Review; and, whether, seeing that this number exceeds the number for whom provision is afforded, a second vessel can be provided for the accommodation of this number.


Two vessels have been provided for the accommodation of hon. Members who desire to witness the Coronation Review. The arrangements made by the Admiralty include the conveyance of Members to and from London, and their entertainment on board ship during the day. The Admiralty is not responsible for either ship after she has disembarked passengers at Southampton in the evening. It has, however, been found possible to retain one of the ships for the night. The company to which the vessel belongs has agreed to make a private arrangement by which the sleeping accommodation of the ship will be made available to hon. Members on payment. I am aware that the number of hon. Members desiring to sleep on board is larger than this ship can accommodate, but I am considering whether, and in what way the available space can be supplemented. If I find that more berths can be obtained I will immediately communicate with hon. Members, but I should like to make it quite clear that the provision of sleeping accommodation is outside the responsibility of the Admiralty, and also that the two ships which have been retained are amply sufficient for the accommodation during the day.