HC Deb 25 July 1902 vol 111 cc1267-8

To ask the First Lord of the Treasury if he will have inquiries made through His Majesty's representatives abroad as to the laws and regulations regarding the planting and preservation of timber trees, in force in the countries to which they are accredited; and if he will have the result of these inquiries printed as a i Parliamentary Paper.

(Answered by Mr. A. J. Balfour.) From inquiries I have made I learn that it-would be quite practicable to ascertain the various enactments which are in force in foreign countries with reference to forestry; but with regard to regulations which necessarily are framed for the guidance and the system of departmental administration, I am advised that not only would they prove to be of an extremely voluminous character, but also that little useful purpose would be gained by a collection so costly and detailed.