HC Deb 16 July 1902 vol 111 cc363-4
MR. HENRY J. WILSON (Yorkshire, W.R., Holmfirth)

To ask the Secretary of State for War if Boer prisoners of war, ready to take the oath of allegiance, and prepared to pay their own expenses, may immediately return to South Africa, or proceed to Europe to meet their families.

(Answered by the Secretary of State for few.) Burghers of the late Republics who are willing to take the oath of allegiance, and who possess means of subsistence, or can be assured of it, will be allowed to proceed to South Africa at their own expense, subject to the concurrence of the High Commissioner and the Officer in charge of the camp in which they have been confined. They may go elsewhere under similar conditions, but they forfeit all claim to repatriation at the expense of His Majesty's Government. If they leave without a declaration of allegiance, they will not be allowed to return to South Africa.