HC Deb 16 July 1902 vol 111 cc358-9

Return ordered, "showing (1) the amount raised by means of Police Rate for the maintenance of the Dublin Metropolitan Police for the years ending 31st day of December, 1852, 31st day of December, 1872, 31st day of December, 1892, and 31st day of March, 1902, distinguishing in respect of the last mentioned year the amounts contributed by the city of Dublin from those contributed by the rest of the district; (2) the rateable valuation and population of the Dublin Metropolitan Police district in each such year; (3) the amount received for the same periods from local revenues such as licences, etc.; (4) the amount paid by His Majesty's Treasury for same periods; (5) the strength of the force for the same periods, and specifying the number employed in Government Departments and private service."—(Mr. Harrington.)