HC Deb 09 July 1902 vol 110 c1191
MR. CREMER (Shoreditch, Hoxton)

To ask the President of the Local government Board whether he is aware that the Urban District Council of Baling, Middlesex, is in the habit of including in its demand note for rates a rate of 1½d. in the pound for the Ealing Educational Association, with an intimation that its voluntary payment will probably save a school board rate; and that, when complaint was made, the Local Government Board informed the Council that the practice was open to objection, and that the Board would be glad to learn that it would be discontinued. And, seeing that, although Mr. Gaskell, the Local Government Board auditor, has also taken objection to the inclusion of a voluntary rate made by another body, and for another purpose, in the demand for the Council's own rates, the practice I still continues, he will take steps to compel its discontinuance.

(Answer.) I am aware that the Town Council have continued the practice which was adopted by their predecessors in this matter. I understand that in the demand note used by the Town Council it is distinctly stated that the payment of the school rate is voluntary, and the collector states that he does riot experience any difficulty, and that there does not appear to be any confusion in the minds of the ratepayers, on the subject. I have informed the Town Council that, in my opinion, a request for the payment of a voluntary school rate should not in any case be included in the demand note for the general district rate, but I have no power to compel the discontinuance of the practice.—(Local Government Board.)