HC Deb 28 January 1902 vol 101 c1095

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War, whether he will state upon what ground, and by whose orders. Dr. Reinecke, a doctor practising at Ceres in the Cape Colony, was arrested on 27th August last, and taken to Malmesbury and imprisoned; whether he is aware that Dr. Reinecke was liberated in September on an order of the Supreme Court at Cape Town, and rearrested the same night by the military authorities; and whether he can state upon what ground Dr. Reinecke was rearrested, where he is now, and whether he has ever been brought to trial for any offence; and, if so, with what result.


Dr. Reinecke was arrested as a suspect by order of the Military Commandant of Ceres, and was sent under escort to Malmesbury, where he was lodged in the civil gaol. His wife then moved the Supreme Court of Cape Colony to order the civil gaoler to release the prisoner. The Court issued the order on the ground that a civil servant of the law could not retain in custody a person committed by an order issued by the military authorities. The Court confined this order simply to the civil officer, and the Chief Justice, in giving judgment, added, "What the military will do on the subject, I do not know, and I cannot now restrain them." I have no information in regard to the re-arrest or subsequent action taken.