HC Deb 27 January 1902 vol 101 cc974-5

; I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade, whether he is aware that the fixed light at Howth Bailey Lighthouse, Dublin Bay, has been altered to a flashing light, and whether any desire was expressed by the nautical community for such a change; whether he is aware that this light has the same interval of darkness as the double flash light at Kingstown, Dublin Bay, and also shows two flashes in the same interval; and, whether he will consider the advisability of the character of this Howth Bailey flashing light being altered, or of the fixed light being restored.


The alteration of the light at Howth Bailey was approved by the Trinity House, on the application of the Commissioners of Irish Lights, who described it as one of the poorest lights on the Irish Coast. By the alteration—which took effect on the 1st inst.—the light became a flash light, giving one flash of three seconds' duration every thirty seconds. The light at Kingston is described in the Admiralty List of Lights as giving two flashes in quick succession every fifteen seconds. It differs, therefore, in its character from the new light at Howth Bailey.