HC Deb 23 January 1902 vol 101 cc660-1

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War if the reinforcements for the Imperial Yeomanry in South Africa are being raised through colonels of yeomanry and volunteer regiments so as to give the full advantage of local influence and territorial association, and if preference will be given to efficient members of the militia, volunteer, and yeomanry forces over men not belonging to these bodies; and if time expired cavalry, mounted infantry, infantry, militia, or irregulars in South Africa will be given opportunity of joining for twelve months instead of leaving that country.


Enlistment is proceeding at the headquarters of home Imperial Yeomanry, full advantage thus being taken of local influence and association. The selection has been left with the local authorities, who may be trusted to use their discretion in selecting qualified candidates with previous military knowledge; but it is not pro- posed to denude the Militia for the purpose. Enlistment for Imperial Yeomanry is not open in South Africa, but soldiers discharged there have ample opportunity of joining any of the colonial corps raised in the Colony.


Is not the right hon. Gentleman aware that a very large number of these time expired men would sooner join the Imperial Yeomanry than the colonial auxiliary forces.

[Mr. Brodrick's answer was inaudible.]