HC Deb 20 January 1902 vol 101 c311
MR. NORMAN (Wolverhampton S.)

beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, whether any communication proposing or concerning joint or collective action by European States, in view of the outbreak or expected outbreak of the late War between the United States and Spain, was received from the Austrian or any other Government; if so, what was the nature of the reply of His Majesty's Government; and will he lay the Papers upon the Table.


No such communication as is suggested in the question was made after the outbreak of the war between the United States and Spain, but immediately before the war several communications were received from other Powers suggesting the presentation of a joint note to the President of the United States. Her late Majesty's Government agreed to join with other Powers in a note expressing a hope that further negotiations might lead to a peaceful settlement, accompanied by guarantees for the establishment of order in Cuba. But they first took steps to ascertain that the presentation of such a note, as well as its terms, would be acceptable to the President. His Majesty's Government declined however to associate themselves with other subsequent proposals which seemed to them open to objection as having the appearance of putting pressure on the Government of the United States and offering an opinion as to their attitude. I am not able to lay on the Table any Papers on this subject.