HC Deb 24 February 1902 vol 103 cc894-5
MR. WHITLEY (Halifax)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he can say what is the term of the meat contract with Mr. Bergl, and whether the term was stated in the forms of tender.


The hon. Member will find the information in the first paragraph of the tender, a copy of which has just been presented to Parliament. (Cd.961.)


Does that answer the second part of my Question?


Yes, it is all there.


I beg to ask the Financial Secretary to the War Office whether he has come to a decision as to laying upon the Table of the House the conditions of tender for the meat supply in South Africa; whether he can say if Mr. Bergl will pay the ordinary rates of railway transport on meat sent by him under his contract by railway, and whether all depôts in which his meat will be stored, both at the port of entry and in the interior of the country, will be provided by him and paid for by him; whether cattle which have been captured or commandeered by His Majesty's military forces will be sold to him; and if so, whether the price per pound at, which such cattle are to be sold to him is settled; and whether, when laying upon the Table of the House the contract entered into by the War Office with Mr. Bergl, he will also lay upon the Table a statement of any changes or modifications (if any) made in it since it was signed, together with any assurances (if any) given to Mr. Bergl before signature in regard to facilities in regard to transport, storage. or any other matter connected with the carrying out of the contract.


The contract has been presented to the House. The contractor will pay the ordinary railway rates mentioned. As regards cold storage, certain accommodation has been secured by the Military Authorities from the 1st April next, and it is intended that the expense incurred should be paid by the contractor. As regards the sale of captured cattle there is no provision to this effect in the contract. It is intended to hold such cattle as the reserve referred to in paragraph 8 of the conditions of contract. As regards the last paragraph of the Question, there are no modifications in the contract.


The noble Lord has not said if the conditions of the tender will be laid. Did they include the distribution of the meat? As regards the Cold Storage Stores, were they taken under military law or with the consent of the owner?


I must ask for notice of both Questions.