HC Deb 21 February 1902 vol 103 cc737-8

Perhaps the House will allow me to say a word or two of the man who has for many years past been the inspiring genius of the Constructive Department of the Admiralty. It would be unseemly for the representative of the Admiralty on an occasion like this not to bespeak an expression of the sympathy and the regard of the House for Sir William White. Sir William White has now left the Admiralty, but he has left behind him in the Admiralty a memory of good-will and a legacy of friendship which will never be forgotten. He has left behind him on the sea and in the dockyards a record of constructive work such as few men have lived to see accomplished, and he has left behind him everywhere where the Navy is known a record of ability rarely equalled, and, I think, never excelled, and of which I believe tins country is proud. The House knows that we have had the good fortune after Sir William White's services came to an end to place in his chair an old comrade of his, a comrade whose skill rivals, though it does not exceed, that of his great predecessor. We believe that in the present Director of Naval Construction we shall have a worthy successor of Sir William White. He, too, has a great constructive record to which all men can look; and I think it is no small matter to feel that the great ingenuity and the great brain power which turned out the famous Armstrong ships, is now at the service of the British Navy.