HC Deb 21 February 1902 vol 103 cc709-10
MR. CORRIE GRANT (Warwickshire, Rugby)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether his attention has been called to a notice issued at the Brennan Torpedo Factory, Chatham, stating that employees will be required to notify to the office whether and within what dates they and their families have been vaccinated, and that it might be necessary to take steps to prevent the possibility of the disease being introduced into the factory through persons who have not taken the precaution of vaccination or re-vaccination. Will he explain under what authority re-vaccination is required; how recent a re-vaccination is requ red; and whether those who refuse to notify to the office will be dismissed.


The notice was issued in order to obtain information for guidance in the event of the epidemic becoming so serious in the neighbourhood of the Factory as to require special consideration. It referred to the desirability of re-vaccination, but does not enforce it. Non-compliance with the notice will not involve dismissal, but I must reserve complete freedom to the War Office to issue any regulation which may be thought necessary to prevent smallpox being introduced into the Factories.