HC Deb 03 December 1902 vol 115 cc1060-1
MR. BARLOW (Somersetshire, Frome)

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board whether the attention of the Local Government Board has been called to a letter, dated 1st September, 1902, from the Bath Rural District Board complaining of the system of drainage lately adopted by the Bath Statutory Hospital authorities, because of the danger it causes to the water supply of Monkton Combe, and asking that an inquiry may be instituted; and, having regard also to a letter or petition to the Local Government Board, dated 23rd September, 1902, from the parish of Monkton Combe to the same effect, and asking that an inspector may be sent down, whether he will state why an inspector has not been sent, and when one will be sent.


I received a letter from the Rural District Council on the 2nd September last calling attention to this matter and asking for my advice thereon, or for an inquiry, if this was deemed expedient. I at once communicated with the Bath Town Council, who explained the arrangements they had recently made for the disposal of the sewage of their hospital, and stated that if it was found necessary after a proper trial further to treat the effluent or adopt any modification of the system, this would be done by the Council. Subsequently, I received further complaints in the matter, and on the 20th of last month I addressed a communication to the Town Council urging them to deal with the sewage so as to obviate any above-ground nuisance, and stating that if it appeared, after investigation by a geological expert, that there was risk of dangerous contamination of the springs and wells in the neigh bourhood from the present system of sewage disposal, measures should be at once taken to remedy this. In reply, the Town Council have promised that this letter shall receive early attention. They state that certain defects pointed out by the Medical Officer of Health of the Rural District Council have been remedied, and that the system is now working satisfactorily. It does not seem to me to be necessary at the present moment to hold an inquiry on the subject; but the hon. Member may rest assured that I shall not lose sight of the matter.