HC Deb 01 December 1902 vol 115 cc906-8

Order read, for resuming Adjourned Debate on Question [21st October]. "That the Bill be now read a second time."

Question again proposed.


said he understood that this Bill was to stand over and to be taken with the Local Government (Ireland) Bill, and that neither was to be taken without notice being given to him. Of course, if the Government chose to take it in the absence of the Irish Members, with whom he had promised to communicate the day when the Government proposed to proceed with it, they might do so, but if they did he should never have any confidence in them again.


There was no understanding.


said he understood through the usual channels that this Bill would come on between the Committee and the Report stages of the London water Bill, and he gave that information to the Irish Party, and if his information could not be relied on the faultlay with the Government and not with him. He moved that the debate be now adjourned.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the debate be now adjourned."—(Mr. Caldwell.)


thought it was curious that the representation of Ireland should be left to the hon. Member for Mid-Lanark. It was a sad thing for Ireland when such a thing happened. He had never thought they should find such a bird in their nest. The Bill was a similar Bill to others which had been introduced, which he had successfully blocked because they, like this, imposed serious restrictions upon the people of Ireland who were largely dependent on their rivers for "power."

SIR A. ACLAND-HOOD (Somersetshire,) Wellington

regretted that any misunderstanding should have arisen with regard to this Bill, which, so far as he was concerned, was not intended to come into the arrangement made with regard to the Local Government Bill.


understood that the arrangement had referred to all theses Irish Bills.

Question put, and negatived.

Question again proposed.


said he should like some short explanation.

MR. WYNDHAM (interposing)

said he had made a long speech on this Bill when it first came up for Second Reading. No exception was taken to the Bill then, and it was not in his power to make another speech now.


said there had been so many "deals" with regard to Irish business that he did not know where they were. He could not agree to the restrictions placed on the water power of Ireland by this Bill. Where he lived water power had been used for developing electric light and so forth, and the people were hampered continually in their utilising of water power by the absurd fishery laws. This Bill now brought forward increased the restrictions and prevented men of energy and enterprise from utilising it. The House really ought to have some statement as to whether this Bill would interfere with mill owners who used turbine wheels for electric lighting purposes.


said if the hon. Member had only read the Bill he would have seen that it did not affect the matters he referred to in the slightest degree.


announced that this disposed of the Government business set down for the morning sitting. There was no effective business set down for the evening sitting, and none could be, as there was no business left over from the morning sitting. It was his duty now, therefore, to adjourn the House.

*Mr. SPEAKER, in pursuance of the Order of the House of the 16th October last, adjourned the House without Question put.

Adjourned at Seven o'clock.