HC Deb 05 August 1902 vol 112 cc669-70

To ask the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether appointments to the South African Constabulary are being offered in the first place to men who have served in the late war; and, if so, might full publicity be given to same, and a Return giving the result of the past four weeks recruiting, particularising the number of men appointed who have served in the late war; and will he say whether a full recruiting staff is maintained in London, and, if so, will he state its annual cost.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Chamberlain.) Other things being equal, preference is given to applicants who have served during the war, but it is not practicable or desirable to confine recruiting in this country to such men only. Recruiting takes place in South Africa also, where men who have served in the war have an opportunity of joining the Constabulary. Of 3,225 applications received during the past four weeks 204 † See pages 276 and 397. have been accepted. I am unable to state how many of the accepted candidates have served during the war, as their papers have been forwarded to South Africa. The estimated annual cost of the London recruiting office is £4,045. I may say that the staff are employed on other duties in connection with the Constabulary besides recruiting.