HC Deb 21 April 1902 vol 106 c814
MR. ROCHE (Galway, E.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland issued in June, 1900, suggestions for the guidance of local authorities in the preparation of schemes, and in December. 1900, a memorandum as to the powers and procedure of local authorities under the Technical Instruction Acts of 1889 and 1891, and The Agriculture and Technical Instruction (Ireland) Act, 1899, and that in these documents the Department state that rates struck for technical instruction under the Technical Instruction Acts. 1889 and 1891, would carry in addition to the grants under the Agriculture and Technical Instruction (Ireland) Act, 1899, a grant equivalent to the amount of the rate under the Acts of 1889 and 1891, and, seeing that the Galway County Council, who struck rates which produced £773, have been informed that only £407 will be payable, and that the continuance of even this grant is not guaranteed for more than three years, and having regard to the assurance given and to the documents referred to, the Government will arrange that the full amount of the equivalent grant under the Acts of 1889 and 1891 will be made available for technical instruction in the County of Galway so long as the County Council contributes a like amount.


I have called for a Report from the Department on this question, but as I have not yet received it, I will ask the hon. Member to repeat the Question tomorrow.