HC Deb 18 April 1902 vol 106 cc630-2

As amended, considered.

(3.10.) MR. ERNESTGRAY (West Ham, N.)

in moving the Amendment standing in his name, said it was designed to give to certain officers of the London School Board the benefits of the proposed Act, which, without, they would not have secured. It made provision, however, that these officers should not be in receipt of pensions from two public sources at the same time, as they would have to forego the advantages of the Teachers' Superannuation Act if they obtained the privileges of the Bill before the House. The reason why the Amendment was put down on the consideration stage, instead of being discussed when the Bill was in Committee, was this—An Amendment with the same object was brought forward in Committee, but the representatives of the Board of Education were unable to approve of the words proposed, and the Deputy Chairman suggested that the Amendment should be submitted in the Committee stage in another place. Between the passage of the Bill from the Committee to another place, however, a form of words had been agreed upon and accepted by the Board of Education and the London School Board, and, that being the case, it seemed desirable to put the Amendment in at that stage rather than in Committee elsewhere, since the latter course would have necessitated a further stage of the Bill. He wished, in moving the Amendment, to express his indebtedness to the Deputy Chairman of Committees for the courtesy he had shown in accepting the Amendment and for the assistance he had given throughout.

Amendment proposed— In Clause 2, page 7, line 10, after the word 'Fund,' to add the words 'Provided that any certificated teacher who, at the date of the passing of this Act, is serving in the capacity of inspector or superintendent under the School Board and is a contributor to the Officers' Fund, or who shall hereafter, by special resolution of the School Board, be allowed to contribute to such Fund, shall be included in the term "Officer." Provided also that the service of such inspector or superintendent shall not be "recorded service" under Section 1 (5) of The Elementary Teachers' Superannuation Act, 1898.' "—(Mr. Ernest Gray.)

Question proposed, "That those words be there added."


explained that he had no objection whatever to the proposal when it was made in Committee, but when at that time the same or a similar clause was proposed by the hon. Member for North Camberwell, he did not care to take the responsibility of putting into an unopposed measure a clause which had not the expressed consent of the London School Board. That consent could not be at once obtained, because the School Board was in recess, and it was only yesterday that the proposition received the formal authority of the Board. Now that that authority had been received, he, of course, withdrew all opposition, which had been dictated by no hostility to the Amendment on its merits.

DR. MACNAMARA (Camberwell, N.)

said he was very glad to have heard the remarks of the Deputy Chairman. There had been no opportunity when the Bill was upstairs to get the Amendment formally authorised by the School Board, and the Deputy Chairman very properly said he could not agree to it under the circumstances.

MR. FLOWER (Bradford, W.)

said that, as another member of the School Board, he also was glad that the Amendment had now received the assent of the Deputy Chairman.

Question put and agreed to.

Bill to be read the third time.