HC Deb 15 April 1902 vol 106 cc275-6
MR. KEARLEY (Devonport)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty whether Petty Officer Grounds, of H.M.S. "Terrible," who last year accomplished the feat of putting eight hits on the prize-firing target in one minute from a six-inch quick-firing gun, while his ship was steaming past at twelve knots, received any special monetary reward for this skill; and whether, having regard to the fact that the King's prizeman at Bisley obtains a monetary prize of £250 and a gold medal and badge, the Admiralty will consider the advisability of instituting some national prize to be competed for each year by the captains of the guns of His Majesty's Fleet.


The sum of £21 15s. was placed at the disposal of the captain of H.M.S. "Terrible" for distribution in prizes for firing with the six-inch gun. The petty officer referred to received his proper share of the amount allotted to the gun's crew of which he was the captain. The conditions under which heavy gun firing is conducted in the Royal Navy are such that it is not considered possible, even if it were desirable, to institute a prize similar to the King's Prize competed for by the Volunteers at Bisley. Every effort is made, by the offer of money prizes and by taking advantage of the esprit de corps and rivalry prevailing between different ships, to encourage gunners in the Navy to obtain proficiency in gunnery. There are objections to any attempt to put the gunnery of the Fleet on the lines of a military rifle competition