HC Deb 07 April 1902 vol 105 cc1126-7

The following Papers, presented by Command of His Majesty during the Easter recess, were delivered to the Librarian of the House of Commons during the recess, pursuant to the Standing Order of the 14th August. 1896.

  1. 1. Trade Reports (Annual Series).—Copies of Diplomatic and Consular Reports, Annual Series, Nos. 2755 and 2756.
  2. 1127
  3. 2. Treaty Series (No. 7, 1902).—Copy of Treaty between the United Kingdom and Belgium for the mutual surrender of fugitive criminals. Signed at Brussels, 29th October, 1901. Ratifications exchanged at Brussels, 6th December, 1901.
  4. 3. Treaty Series (No. 8, 1902).—Copy of Agreement between the United Kingdom and Germany relative to the boundary of the British and German Spheres of Interest between Lakes Nyasa and Tanganyika. Signed at Berlin, 23rd February, 1901.
  5. 4. Locomotives in Egypt (Commercial, No. 1, 1902).—Copy of Correspondence respecting the Comparative Merits of British, Belgian, and American Locomotives in Egypt.
  6. 5. Fishery Board (Scotland).—Copy of Twentieth Annual Report of the Fishery Board for Scotland, being for the year 1901, Part I, General Report.
  7. 6. Local Government Board (Scotland).—Copy of Seventh Annual Report of the Local Government Board for Scotland, 1901.
  8. 7. Congested Districts (Scotland) Act, 1897.—Copy of Fourth Report to the Secretary for Scotlandof the Conjested Districts (Scotland) Board.
  9. 8. Explosions (Nobel's Factory at Perranporth, Cornwall).—Copy of Report to the right Hon. the Secretary of State for the Home Department by Major A. Cooper-Key, His Majesty's Inspector of Explosives, on the circumstances attending an explosion of partly manufactured blasting gelatine which occurred on the 16th January, 1902, at the factory of Nobel's Explosives Company, Limited, at Perronporth, Cornwall.

Ordered, That the said Papers do lie upon the Table.