HC Deb 17 May 1901 vol 94 cc461-2

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury if he will state when he proposes to conclude the debate on the Second Reading of the Finance Bill, and whether he proposes to have a morning sitting of the House on Friday next. Perhaps the right hon. Gentleman will also say what will be the course of business next week.


It is not possible to forecast accurately the course of business next week. We propose to begin on Monday the discussion of the Finance Bill, and I think, from such inquiries as I have been able to make, that there ought to be no difficulty in arriving at a decision on the Amendment to be moved from the front Opposition bench at or before the conclusion of the morning sitting on Tuesday. If the House would be content to allow the Second Reading to be taken at the same time, it would be, I think, for the general convenience of Members. With regard to the remainder of the week I propose to take the motion for the holiday adjournment as first Order on Thursday; and I hope before we separate to get the Second Reading of the Civil List Bill, the very small fragment of the Committee stage of the Demise of the Crown Bill which still remains to be taken, and Vote 10, and, if possible, the Ordnance Vote for the Army. The House will rise on Friday, but I do not know whether it will be possible to have a morning sitting on that day. There is an intention, I believe, on the part of the Irish Members to raise the question of the financial relations upon the Second Reading of the Finance Bill. That would not be a very convenient opportunity for taking issue upon that subject, because the possibility of dividing on an Amendment will be exhausted by the division which will take place on the Amendment of the right hon. Member for East Wolverhampton. But this is a new Parliament, and I think that an opportunity should be given for the discussion of the question. I therefore propose to a find a day for that discussion before the end of the session.


Will the Army Votes be taken on Friday?


On Thursday or Friday.


Is it proposed to continue the discussion on the Finance Bill after twelve o'clock on Friday night?


I do not contemplate a long sitting, but I do not think the debate need stop when the clock strikes twelve.

MR. FLOWER (Bradford, W.)

Can we have notice when the Local Government Board Vote will be taken?


I will endeavour to give notice. I suppose the hon. Member will be content with the ordinary notice at the commencement of the week, when I usually state the business for the following Friday.

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