HC Deb 29 March 1901 vol 92 cc233-4

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury if the Historical MSS. Commission propose to publish all the valuable historical MSS. in the collection of the Irish Franciscans, or only that portion of them referred to in the late Sir John Gilbert's Report (Appendix to Report 4, Historical MSS. Commission), and whether the documents recited by Sir John Gilbert are being published in extenso; if he is aware that MSS., some of them in Irish, are included in the MSS. of the Irish Franciscans which have never been examined by any representative of the Commission, including, among other papers, Father Wadding's Correspondence during the Confederation of Kilkenny, and if these MSS. will be published in a subsequent volume to the one now about to be published; and if the Commission will make use of the copies and translations of these documents made by the Franciscan Fathers or on their behalf.


The Commissioners on Historical Manuscripts intend to publish abstracts or copies of all the historical manuscripts belonging to the Irish Franciscans in Dublin, whether previously noticed by Sir John Gilbert or not; but only such of them as are of special importance will be printed at full length. The Commissioners are only aware of one letter in Irish in Father Wadding's correspondence and of one other letter in that language in the rest of the Franciscan collection. These two letters will, of course, be published in their Report on the manuscripts. Use has been made in the preparation of the Report of any copies and translations which the Franciscan. Fathers have kindly placed at the disposal of the inspector under the Commission engaged on the work.