HC Deb 23 March 1901 vol 91 cc994-5
MR. JOHN REDMOND (Waterford)

May I ask, Mr. Speaker, if there is any rule which exempts Wednesdays and Saturdays from questions? We have looked into the precedents and find that on the 11th March, 1892, when right hon. and hon. Gentlemen opposite were in Opposition they put down questions which filled fourteen pages of Hansard in order to bring Ministers down to answer them.


I am not aware that there has been any refusal at the Table to put a question for to-day.


No, but Ministers are not here to answer some on the Paper to-day.


In only one case, I believe. As regards Wednesdays, there is no Order of the House on the subject, but it is a general practice that questions shall not be put down for that day, and consequently Ministers are not expected to attend.


In putting some questions which are on the Orders of to-day for next Wednesday I am only following the example of the present Secretary of State for India and other. right hon. Members now on the Treasury Bench who, on 11th March, 1893, being a Saturday sitting, had over fourteen pages of questions down for the Ministers who then formed Mr. Gladstone's administration in order to compel them to be in their places at the sitting of the House, and right hon. Gentlemen cannot now complain if they are beaten with the rod they themselves cut.

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