HC Deb 08 March 1901 vol 90 cc1050-1

reported from the Committee of Selection, That they had, nominated the following Members to serve on the Standing Committee for the consideration of all Bills relating to Trade (including Agriculture and Fishing), Shipping, and Manufacture:—Mr. Attorney General, Mr. Baird, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Gerald Balfour, Mr. Beckett, Mr Boland, Mr. Broadhurst, Mr. John Burns, Mr. Burt, Sir Charles Cayzer, Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Charming, Mr. Cohen, Mr. Jesse Collings, Sir John Colomb, Mr. Cremer, Mr. Crombie, Sir Charles Dalrymple, Mr. Daly, Sir Frederick Dixon-Hartland, Mr. Doughty, Mr. J. P. Farrell, Sir Robert Penrose-FitzGerald, Sir Fortes-cue Flannery, Sir Henry Fowler, Mr. Galloway, Mr. Harrington, Sir Alfred Hickman, Mr. Brodie Hoare, Sir William Hornby, Sir William Houldsworth, Major Jameson, Mr. Jeffreys, Sir James Joicey, Mr. Kemp, Mr. Lambert, Sir Elliott Lees, Mr. Lloyd-George, Colonel Long, Mr. Walter Long, Dr. MacDonnell, Mr. Macartney, Mr. Mather, Mr. Charles Morley, Mr. Oldroyd, Mr. Parkes, Mr. Pike Pease, Colonel Pilkington, Sir James Rankin, Mr. Renshaw, Sir Albert Rollit, Mr. Round, Mr. T. W. Russell, Mr. Stuart Samuel, Mr. Seton-Karr, Mr. Thomas Shaw, Sir Barrington Simeon, Mr. Samuel Smith, Mr. Strachey, Mr. Tennant, Mr. Tomlinson, Mr. Tully, Mr. George Whiteley, Sir Frederick Wills, Mr. John Wilson (Durham), Mr. John Wilson (Falkirk), Mr. Wolff, and Mr. Samuel Young.

Mr. HALSEY further reported from the Committee of Selection, That they had nominated the following Members to serve on the Standing Committee for the consideration of all Bills relating to Law, and Courts of Justice, and Legal Procedure which may, by Order of the House, be committed to such Standing Committee:—The Lord Advocate, Mr. Asquith, Mr. Atherley-Jones, Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Barlow, Mr. Bartley, Mr. Beach, Mr. Butcher, Mr. Carew, Lord Hugh Cecil, Mr. Clancy, Mr. Coghill, Mr. Cripps, Sir Savile Crossley, Mr. Bromley-Davenport, Sir Charles Dilke, Mr. Dillon. Mr. Tatton Egerton, Mr. Arthur Elliot. Mr. Samuel Evans, Mr. Faber, Sir George Fardell, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Vicary Gibbs, Sir Frederick Godson, Mr. Goulding, Mr. Graham, Mr. H. D. Greene, Mr. Haldane, Mr. Harwood, Mr. T. M. Healy, Mr. James Heath, Mr. Helder, Mr. Hemphill, Mr. Henry Hob-house, Mr. Jacoby, Mr. Brynmor Jones, Mr. Jordan, Mr. Lees Knowles, Mr. W. F. Lawrence, Sir Joseph Leese, Mr. Loder, Mr. A. K. Loyd, Mr. Lyttelton, Dr. Macnamara, Mr. MacNeill, Sir Henry Meysey-Thompson, Colonel Milward, Mr. Arthur Morton, Mr. Lloyd Morgan, Captain Norton, Sir Francis Powell. Colonel Pryce-Jones, Sir Robert Reid, Mr. Rentoul, Mr. Secretary Ritchie, Mr. Bryn Roberts, Mr. Parker Smith, Mr. Soames, Mr. Solicitor General, Mr. Ernest Spencer, Mr. Stevenson, Sir Benjamin Stone, Mr. Ure, Sir Howard Vincent, Mr. Robert Wallace, Mr. Warr, and Sir James Woodhouse.

Reports to lie upon the Table.

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