HC Deb 14 June 1901 vol 95 c407

Mr. HALSEY reported from the Committee of Selection, That they had discharged the following Members from the Standing Committee on Trade (including Agriculture and Fishing), Shipping, and Manufactures—Mr. Harrington and Major Jameson.; and had appointed in substitution: Mr. Dillon and Mr. T. P. O'Connor.

Mr. HALSEY further reported from the Committee, That they had added to the Standing Committee on Law, and Courts of Justice, and Legal Procedure the following fifteen Members in respect of the Larceny Bill:—Sir William Anson, Mr. Attorney General, Mr. Black, Mr. Boland, Mr. T. D. Bolton, Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Cohen, Sir Brampton Gurdon, Mr. Charles Hobhouse, Mr. Leigh-Bennett, Mr. Martin, Mr. Mather, Mr. Morris, Mr. Nicol, and Mr. Stock.

Reports to lie upon the Table.