HC Deb 11 June 1901 vol 97 cc74-5
MR. ARTHUR LEE (Hampshire, Fareham)

I desire to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he has any official information to give the House with regard to the alleged Boer atrocities at Vlakfontein.


The following telegrams have passed between the War Office and Lord Kitchener on this subject—

War Office, June 6, 1901.

Reuter's correspondent telegraphs that Lieutenant McDougal and Sergeant-Major, 28th Battery, were shot in cold blood because they refused to show the working of the guns captured. If this is corroborated, please have sworn evidence taken and send copy home.

Lord Kitchener to Secretary of State for War.

Pretoria, June 7, 1901.

In reference to the alleged murder of Lieutenant McDougal and a Sergeant-Major of 28th Battery, when I heard of the case I caused inquiries to be made among all wounded. Report unfounded. Will ask correspondents for their authority for statement.

Lord Kitchener to Secretary of State for War.

Pretoria, June 11.

An Imperial Yeomanry officer, Lieutenant Hern, who was wounded at Vlakfontein, has made a statement that he saw one of the enemy shoot some of our wounded on the ground.

From Secretary of State for War to Lord Kitchener.

War Office, July 8, 1901.

Detailed statements have been made by mail letters in press re shooting of our wounded by the Boers at Vlakfontein, have you any information beyond your telegram of June 11?

Lord Kitchener to Secretary of State for War

Pretoria, July 9, 1901.

In reply to your telegram of yesterday, it has been testified by seven men that they saw Boers shoot wounded men at Vlakfontein. The statements they made were sent to you by last mail. I have ordered evidence on oath to be taken.


May I ask my right hon. friend if, when the evidence arrives, he will communicate it to the House, or the purport of it?


Yes, Sir.