HC Deb 10 June 1901 vol 94 cc1474-5

Is it the intention of the Government to take the Loan Bill to-night, No. 19 on the Paper? And will the right hon. Gentleman consent to take Report of the Post Office Vote at a time which will allow of a little further discussion, in view of the inadequate debate we had on Friday on a question which excites such general interest?


I had hoped that it would be possible to take the Loan Bill, but inquiry shows it will not. As to the second question, I think I may venture to point out respectfully to the House that in proportion to its interest we have already discussed this Vote quite adequately, and I do not see how I can in any way meet the desire which the hon. Gentleman has expressed. Perhaps, as I am on my legs, I may explain to the House that I do not propose to move my motion to-morrow precisely in the form in which it appears on the Paper to-day. As it now stands I propose to except the three next Wednesdays from its operation. I propose to give the 26th instant to the discussion of private Members' Bills, but I do not propose to leave it altogether in the hands of hon. Members. I think the Government should retain the power of controlling the order of business on that day, and my resolution will be altered accordingly.

MR. JAMES LOWTHER (Kent, Thanet)

What will be the other business to-morrow?


The Factories Bill.

MR. GODDARD (Ipswich)

What will be the Supply taken on Friday?


I will give that information to-morrow. Probably we shall devote Thursday as well as Friday to Supply.