HC Deb 06 June 1901 vol 94 c1211

Petitions in favour, from London; Olhdam (two); Warminster; Birmingham; Portsmouth; Carlisle; Salisbury (ten); Deptford (two); Grangetown; Pallion; Bishopwearmouth; Monkwearmouth; Plymouth; Maidstone (two); West Kent; Salford; Walthamstow; Bath; Gloucester; Chilwell; Tamworth; St. Austell; Yazon; Portsmouth (four): Mansel Lacy; Devonport; Caldbeck; Shoreditch; Romsey; Hoxton; Cheltenham; Southsea (two); Stourton; Perth; Ardleigh; Blackpool; Nantcuredig; Kingston; Ledbury; Millfield (eight); Sunderland (ten); and Durham; to lie upon the Table.